Messier Marathon

The Messier Marathon, ie the competition in finding astronomical objects, was held at Letenci on Fruška gora on Saturday, April 2, 2022. The organizers of this year’s Messier Marathon are the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics from Novi Sad, the Provincial Institute for Sports and Sports Medicine, as well as the astronomical societies ADNOS, Lira and Kosmos from Novi Sad. This year’s Messiah Marathon is being held as part of the ELECTRA, Serbia-Hungary cross-border cooperation project.

About 30 participants (mostly students and high school students, but also other ages) took part in the Messiah’s marathon.

Due to unfavorable meteorological conditions on the day of the Messiah Marathon, this year’s Messier Marathon Program was based on lectures related to astronautics, astronomy and physics, including the importance of these scientific disciplines to the wider community and the development of education in Vojvodina. Bac Kiskun, where the ELECTRA cross-border cooperation project is being implemented. The lecture on the recently launched space telescope and its significance, as well as the expected discoveries, was given by Srdjan Penjivrag from Zrenjanin.

The following photos given in the attachment testify to the atmosphere from this Messier Marathon.